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    Friends of the Newburyport Library Annual Meeting Presentation. There will be a slide show with original drawings and paintings on September 15, 2016....

    Beacon Hill, 1840s See the finished painting....email me if you are interested in a giclee print.

    Newburyport Magazine Article. Cover, Page 1, Page 2,Page 3

    Upper State and Beyond, Newburyport, 1870s is finished!!.. See the painting here...

    Neck Ties and Bow Ties from Art Ties of Newburyport.. See the Art Ties here...

    A Video - A bit of a Philosophical Position.. Newburyport, An Appreciation

    In the August 19, 2010 edition of Globe North there was an article on "Upper Green Street and Beyond, Newburyport, 1880.

    More Info...

    Cape Cod Life :
    In the Summer/Fall issue of the Arts Edition there is a profile of some of Nantucket historical paintings.

    More Info...

    What's next?:

    I have finished my "Beacon Hill View to the Charles on Mt Vernon St, 1840s" and am designing my next Beacon Hill view........



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    ill titleNew Watercolors!

    Visit Richard Burke Jones' profile on Pinterest including new watercolors from the summer of 2016.

    And New How to Watercolor Video - Plein Air on Monhegan Harbor

    ill titleAnnouncement! New Painting in process on Beacon Hill, Boston, MA. This is a narrative on the new painting, its history and context.

    ill titleAnnouncement! New Painting in the Custom House Maritime - Exhibit in Now Over. Thank You CHMM!

    Exhibit New Posts & Brochure for Prints, New Painting, etc. with Audio Introduction (click here)

    Front of Brochure

    Back of Brochure

    View of St Paul's with historical points of interest

    Points of Historical Points of Interest

    New! Video on the Points of Interest, research, and approach to making the painting "St Paul's Church & Beyond, Newburyport, 1860s"


    Also, please enjoy this video and travel back to the 19th Century and a simpler time - horses and carrages, Victorian dress and manners, children and games, historic structures and federalist style.


    The following pages present an overview of some of the historical paintings and portraits by Richard Burke Jones (see new painting description below). Just call 978.462.8382 if you like a print or wish to discuss the work (or maybe an historical commission or portrait commission).

    Additionally, there are examples of some of the giclees of these paintings (and an online store), a short biography, various portraits, a short philosophy of life, and a contact sheet in the event you wish to order from or communicate with the artist. Click here to go directly to the new store!. Richard Burke Jones has finished the oil painting "St Paul's Church and Beyond, Newburyport, 1860s." (see description below) and would love to hear from you if you have an idea or suggestion for the next view of Newburyport, or another locale. Click here to send him an email with your suggestion.

    ill titleNewburyport, St Paul's Church and Beyond, 1860s- New (Fall, 2014)

    Richard Burke Jones has recently completed a oil on canvas, 36" x 54", entitled "St Paul's Church and Beyond - Newburyport, 1860s". It was finished in the late fall of 2014.

    Here is a close-up of the facade of the St Anna's Chapel and St. Paul's Church showing a recently married couple leaving the church to the waiting carriage and a commercial building on the corner of High and Summer Streets.




    ill titleNewburyport, Upper State Street, Newburyport, 1870s (Completed in 2013)

    The original hangs in the first floor of the Institution For Savings at 93 State Street, Newburyport near the tellers on the right. It is accessible to the public. There is an explanatory brochure at the bank that you may find interesting and informative. If you wish to place an order for a giclee print, please contact the artist at richardburkejones@gmail.com.

    The foreground area is upper State Street, Newburyport and it includes (from right to left) the Dalton Club, the Institution for Savings Bank, nineteenth-century residences and the Whitefield Church. On State Street itself there are horse and carriages including the carriage in front of the Institution waiting for the return of its passengers, attentive dogs, mother and baby carriage, the wedding at Whitefield's church with dress attendants, violinist and vocalist, and applauding guests.

    The Dalton Club is an historic colonial house at 95 State Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts. The house was built in 1746 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Next to the Dalton Club is the Institution for Savings - the third bank in the United States to be incorporated on January 31, 1820. (The first was in Boston, the second in Salem, Massachusetts.) The bank moved to its present location in 1871.


    Rufus Sargent (1812-1886), a prominent local architect, designed the Italianate-style building. Tall, rounded-arch windows, an elevated entry door of black walnut, giant brownstone pillars, a copper balustrade and cornices, and detailing on the front fa├žade decorate the brownstone.