Along Newman Road, Newbury  Giclee Print of Oil Painting

Along Newman Road, Newbury Giclee Print of Oil Painting

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Giclee Print. Two sizes - medium and large. Signed, numbered on archival paper using archival inks. FREE SHIPPING!

I traveled on my bike to Newman Road to paint the Newbury marshes.

The first of four trips was during a very moody, silvery evening. When there is cloud-cover .. the colors on the marsh grasses explode Into brilliant warms and cools! However the tones are more neutral and restrained. On my subsequent three trips the lighting was often much different but I tried to hold to the initial values.

I had so many wonderful visits from passersby such as the woman from Georgetown who stated “I live in Georgetown but I really live here every single day” I truly get it. Then there was my e-bike colleague  Gary Gagnon who visited twice to talk about painting, and biking, and life!
There is a quietude and solitude on the marshes that allows one to center such that the everyday anguish melts away….

Richard Burke Jones