"Heading Home from March's Hill"   Watercolor Painting

"Heading Home from March's Hill" Watercolor Painting

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Original watercolor, signed, 11 x 15", Richard Burke Jones, 375.00 Free Shipping!

When I was at March’s Hill, Newburyport during the recent Nor-easter (January, 2024) I was moved by the families that had their dog and children sliding as the snow came floating down. There was much parental advice as to the art of sliding, and perhaps more importantly, as to the best way to come back up the hill - not just how to get down it! “Walk from side to side’” “Crawl up, don’t walk!” It was cold and windy but it was an adventure that the family would treasure for a long time! Simple, free winter fun that has been a Newburyport staple for decades. However, the day came eventually to an end and exhausted the family plus dogs headed home along the rail trail to their South end homes. This was the moment I tried to capture.