"Ice Skaters at the Mall with Fire Pit"   Giclee Print

"Ice Skaters at the Mall with Fire Pit" Giclee Print

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Giclee Print. Three sizes - small, medium and large. Signed, numbered on archival paper using archival inks. FREE SHIPPING!

This is from a "15" x 22" watercolor

I have painted the ice skaters at the Mall, Newburyport more than a few times over the past years, but I was inspired by this past weekend when 200+ skaters and hockey players abounded.
And when I saw the fire pit on the side of the ice making the scene absolutely perfect - I knew I needed to paint it again.

I started with the buildings in the distance - the Kelly School, St. Paul’s, the houses along High St all the way to Court St. The afternoon sun taking across the edges of the Mall and streaking across the ice added an element of drama to the energized skaters.

The parents helping their children to put on their skates is as familiar as it is difficult. Hope you enjoy the scene as much as I did painting it.