Newbury Marshes with Train

Newbury Marshes with Train

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I set up on a cold and windy day on Newman Road, Newbury MA to paint the late fall marshes. It was high tide so there was much water reflecting the sun as it squeezed through the clouds. The grasses were sienna, red, ocher, light green and umber. In the fall the colors speak loudly if you listen intently. There were passersby honking, slowly observing and even stopping to visit.

However the loudest noise in the marsh was the mechanical sound of the train on the tracks in the distance.
As quickly as it disturbed the serenity, it receded into the background. There were egrets and geese and gulls and more. We are fortunate to live near these peaceful and beautiful marshes! I hope you can feel the stillness also.

18” x 24”, oil on linen, Richard Burke Jones

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