View at Twilight from the Audubon Center
View at Twilight from the Audubon Center

View at Twilight from the Audubon Center

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Well … to be honest …. I needed to get away from election work and I loaded up my E bike and headed out to the marshes along Plum Island Turnpike.

I had this feeling that off to the west of the turnpike may be an interesting view back along the river towards our beloved town. It didn’t materialize even though I was able to go off-road with my fat tire bike. On my way back in I noticed the Audubon center had a path out back and it provided the perfect quiet peaceful vista toward the harbor. I went to the front door to ask permission but it was locked so I thought I would set up any ways and hope for forgiveness.

Sure enough as soon as I set up two Audubon workers came out in back with me and the awkward moment ensued. I decided to break the ice and say hello I hope I’m OK in your backyard … I would have asked for permission but the front door was locked. They were wonderful and welcoming and said “Oh qmy God here you are. It’s just fine. And you’ve got your bike also.”

Sometimes it just works out. The beauty of the place is beyond words. I hope you feel it too!


Watercolor, 15” x 22”, richard Burke Jones

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