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View late in the Day

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I pulled under the tree near flat iron point in Joppa to attempt a watercolor in the light rain last Sunday evening. This view of the remaining clam shack, the moored sails, the late evening light upon the distant river banks and the varied grasses along the waters edge creates a peace within oneself - particularly if you try to recreate it on paper.

A neighbor approached me stating, “I didn’t want to break your concentration til you were packing up but I paint watercolor also.” I said ‘TY’

That is much appreciated. She went on to tell me she is a cancer survivor and enjoys painting very much…..sometimes I am at a loss for words ….. and that was one time. We never know the burden the next person we will meet may carry. I try to be thankful each day that presents itself to me.

11 x 15” watercolor, Richard Burke Unframed

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